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Datos Media Technologies S.A. is a newly created company dedicated to providing technology, consultancy, integration, training and support to build and improve the production workflow for the media industry.


We have created Datos Media Technologies to offer a professional and independent response to the current challenges of the technology implementation for the audiovisual market workflows.Datos Media Technologies are professionals with great experience in integration, installation, training and maintenance, specifically in production, archiving and audiovisual content delivery.

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Datos Media delivers a complete range of services for the totalexecution of audiovisual projects. Our services include from the pre-sales consultancy to the support and maintenance, passing through supply and integration of the technology.



Datos Media offers consultancy services, to adapt the technology and the investment to user real needs, as well as an analysis of these needs and the optimization of the workflow.



We deliver advanced audiovisual technology, representing the leading manufacturers of the broadcast and audiovisualmarket, optimizing technical and economic resources in our solutions.



Integration is one of the biggest pillars for the success of every audiovisualproject. Datos Media has the best professionals in this field, with great experience of system integration and workflows.



Every project requires correct training and support for successful completion. Datos Media offers preventive, corrective and evolutive support, adapted to the real needs of the client,bearing in mind the use and operation of the system or device installed.



Datos Media has established collaboration relationships with leading suppliersin theaudiovisual sector and has commercial agreements with some very significant manufacturers.


Avid creates the digital audio and video technology used to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world. Some of Avid´s most influential an pioneering solutions include Composer®, Pro Tools®, Interplay®, ISIS®, VENUE, Sibelius®, and System 5.



Tedial provides software based content and content management business solutions that maximize operational efficiency and profitability to broadcast and other media organizations. Tedial has over ten years’ experience and has grown to over 80 people; our proven track record enables broadcasters to take full advantage of file-based workflows, cloud computing and other technologies with maximum benefits and minimum risk.

Tedial’s solutions are vendor and hardware independent, releasing customers from proprietary constraints and enabling them to significantly increase productivity and return on investment. Tedial is a global company with over 50 high-profile reference sites around the world, including some of the most complex and largest MAM systems in the broadcast industry.

Tedial’s unique media management solutions have helped over 50 broadcasters and media companies worldwide to increase creativity and improve efficiency throughout their media workflows.



Relentlessly innovating, the vision of Ross Video is to lead the world in video production solutions by delivering the world’s widest range of products and services for augmented reality and virtual sets, mobile and live-events, real-time motion graphics, cameras, camera tracking, and camera robotics, workflow management for news, assets and social media, production switchers, routers and other infrastructure systems, and more.



Quantum, a global leader in storage, delivers highly reliable backup, archive, and workflow solutions that meet demanding requirements for data integrity, availability, and performance. Within Media & Entertainment, Quantum is known for its innovative software and tape solutions that enable customers to earn revenue faster and control data retention costs.



Disk Archive Corporation specializes in developing and supporting high capacity, high availability solutions for long term storage archiving systems. The ALTO system is a high performance media archive with low total cost of ownership and excellent green credentials.



For more than 10 years MOG Technologies has developed tools, based on MXF standards, innovating the ingest management of audiovisual contents workflow. MOG aims to exceed media challenges and to break the workflow boundaries by delivering fully interoperable solutions to the broadcast industry.



Shotoku Broadcast Systems is a company that develop some of the world's most advanced Camera Support Systems including Robotic Cameras, VR Camera Tracking, Manual Pedestals, Heads and Tripods for almost any broadcast application.



PROVYS is a complete multichannel management and workflow solution for broadcasters. It covers all major activities of modern media companies from strategic planning and budgeting, through management of acquired rights, production projects, and advertisement sales campaigns, to integration with accounting, content delivery, and media storage systems. PROVYS is also equipped with recent management reporting and dashboard functions.



Pebble Beach Systems is a leading developer and supplier of automation, channel in a box and content management solutions for TV broadcasters, service providers, and cable and satellite operators. Our products are flexible, reliable and scalable, and designed to cater for all channel types. Our innovative solutions manage acquisition, file-based workflows, archiving and multi-channel playout at large and small installations worldwide.



Located in Ottawa, Canada, Unlimi-tech Software, Inc. is an Emmy® Award winning pioneer in managed file transfers, and the creator of FileCatalyst, a world leading accelerated file transfer solution. Founded in 2000, the company has more than one thousand customers in media & entertainment, energy & mining, gaming, and printing, including many Fortune 500 companies as well as military and government organizations. FileCatalyst is a software platform designed to accelerate and manage file transfers securely and reliably. FileCatalyst is immune to the effects that latency and packet loss have on traditional file transfer methods like FTP, HTTP, or CIFS. Global organizations use FileCatalyst to solve issues related to file transfer, including content distribution, file sharing, and offsite backups. To learn more visit www.filecatalyst.com or on Twitter @FileCatalyst.



Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products that enable broadcasters and other users of digital media to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes. Products as PROJECT PARKING, MEDWAY and BRIDGING offers broadcasters an intuitive toolset to manage the efficiency of their workflows. For example in one single application Project Parking provides the means to analyse, archive and manage media to optimise AVID ISIS and Interplay utilisation.



ROOT6 Technology was established by industry professionals in 1997 at the heart of London's post-production and new media communities in Soho. The close association with the media industry lead to the development of ContentAgent, the globally-installed, scalable, software-based tool for managing and automating file-based workflows. Transcoding the files you receive into the files you need to work with and deliver, ContentAgent automates the processes in a seamless transparent manner, maximising available resources, reducing the need for human intervention and significantly streamlining operations.



Rohde & Schwarz, through their subsidiary DVS, offers a complete range of solutions for production, post-production, ingest, storage, playout, codification, multiplexation and audio and video transmission applications for the broadcast industry, network operators, TV producers, video/cinema producers, etc.
One of R&S most outstanding products is the Ingest and Production Server VENICE, which offers important advantages for broadcasters, specially in direct TV studio environments, as it permits to optimize the file-based TV production workflows. VENICE manages classic video server tasks such as HD-SDI ingest and studio playout combined with intelligent file-based features like file ingest, transcoding and media transfer operations. VENICE has a flexible multi-format video- and codec pipeline for each channel and thanks to its open platform and file system architecture, it can easily be integrated into any file-based broadcast production environment.
The mastering station CLIPSTER enables you to perform all the steps in a DI workflow on one system: subtitling, online editing of film data, conversion to various output formats, color correction, film restoration and is totally compatible to the innovative standards AS-02 and FMI in resolutions up to 4K.
To storage enourmous amounts of data in the production environments of 4K and up to 8K, SpycerBox Cell is a storage solution for demanding media applications. The 1U system is equipped with 30 hot-swappable drives arranged on a tray-based carrier system, allowing for removal and replacement during operation.



Panasas is the premier provider of hybrid scale-out NAS storage for technical computing and enterprise workloads. All Panasas ActiveStor storage appliances leverage the Panasas PanFS parallel file system for superior performance, data availability and reliability, linear scalability, and easy management. Panasas introduced scale-out parallel storage products based on its first generation blade architecture in 2004. Now in its fifth generation, Panasas systems are optimized for highly demanding big data workloads in design and discovery including bioscience, energy, finance, government, manufacturing, and other core research and development sectors.



Cube-Tec International develops integrated solutions for large media archives. As a pioneer in quality control of media workflows, the company focuses on open standards and agile process automation. Cube-Tec benefits from a great deal of experience with large-scale media digitization projects. Furthermore, Cube-Tec offers state-of-the-art products for content verification and media automation service platforms for modern file-based workflows using reference and non-reference based quality assessment methods



Guntermann & Drunck was founded in 1985 and is now regarded as one of the foremost manufacturers of digital and analogue KVM solutions. For more than 25 years our customers have been convinced by our core competencies in extending, switching and distributing standardised computer signals. With KVM products from Guntermann & Drunck you can make the most of any IT installation. Whether you want to operate several hundred computers from one workstation or extend access to computers to up to 10,000 metres – G&D’s KVM products provide solutions for any requirements.



IPV’s Asset Management Solutions streamline media management and production processes, enabling teams to collaborate on creative works with the ability to ingest, catalogue, archive and edit content or live highlights; exploiting camera originals, archived materials and social media trending data to produce compelling content on omnipresent digital platforms. In successfully use by leading broadcasters and more than 500 installations worldwide, IPV’s Products are proven to be rugged, reliable and scalable in use.



Founded in 2003, Ideas Unlimited are established innovators in the compliance recording market. The Ideas Unlimited Contentprobe products allow customers to capture, monitor, analyse, store and repurpose radio and television programmes.
Contentprobe systems boast a patented and world leading ‘MediaFingerprinting’ technology which enables customers to identify, verify and match content without the need for associated metadata or prior watermarking.



QUALES.TV is a Spanish company founded in 2015 committed to be a global reference in Quality Check systems for audiovisual content. The professional team that build Quales, has more than 20 years of experience in the market, and have fully developed the new Quales: Automated QC for Audiovisual Content. Quales is a fully featured, comprehensive Video Quality Check system with the best cost-effective value proposition intended for small, medium, or large environments. Suitable for online or broadcast content; provides a straight-forward web-based and visual health check system for media, ensuring content readiness in all phases of your workflow.



StoreData, the external storage systems brand name of SM Data, a distributor of storage infrastructure, is a broad range of integrated solutions: StoreData RAID, StoreData NAS, StoreData MAM, StoreData SHARC, StoreData SAN MDC and StoreData Server. Builded with the most advanced technology and best components available in the industry, StoreData systems are backed by 25 years of experience in pre-sales, sales and on-site support.



NetApp is a leading vendor of innovative storage and data management solutions that help organizations around the world store, manage, protect, and retain their data. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, NetApp is a member of the NASDAQ-100 and ranks on the Fortune 500.


“Cuando la información se organiza, surgen las ideas” Jim Rohn.


Here are the latest news…

Datos Media Technologies has been awarded the EMEA BEST PARTNER AWARD by AVID TECHNOLOGY.

Datos Media install MOG F1000 as multiformat gateway in Movistar+

Datos Media Technologies confirm his assistance at NAB 2017

Datos Media implements the on air graphics newsroom system at RTVE Sant Cugat

Datos Media integrates a new ingest, archive and content distribution system for the senate sessions recordings

AMC Iberia Chooses Pebble Beach Systems’ Marina for New 4K Channel

Datos Media Technologies official distributor of ROSS VIDEO

Datos Media Technologies, Present in IBC Show 2016

Datos Media Implements a transcoding system for Television Española to be used at the olympics games in Rio

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The company is located in Ciudad de la Imagen, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, one of the most appropriate business centres for the audiovisual sector.

+34 91 001 89 08 / info@datosmedia.es

C/ Luis Buñuel 2, Bajo, Local C. 28223, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (Spain)